Tsalal, which is Hebrew for the concept "to grow or become dark," is the title of the brand new 6 track album (and first physical release ever) from ARIADNE. It is a full-frequency, multi-sensory audio/visual experience totaling almost an hour of subsonic tones, glitched out rhythms, synthesized melodies, and extravagant choral passages with hints of Gregorian chants & hymnal somberness. Contained on an absolutely tiny 4GB microSD card housed inside an equally miniscule clear plastic case, Tsalal is tangibly minimal yet digitally immersive, featuring the complete audio compositions as ultra high quality lossless WAV files, as well as matching HD videos of synchronized digital environment renders created by ARIADNE as visual stimuli to further enhance the intricate nature of Tsalal's brooding aesthetic.

– 4GB black microSD cards inside miniature plastic case
– 3 panels of art printed on white + clear + reflective paper



  • 1.I Thirst 04:21
  • Hear me when I call. The darkness hides not from me. Give ear unto my voice. Set watch before my mouth. Rivers of water run down my face. I am cast down! I am no more. I fade to this dust, and I shall be no more.
  • 2.Forsaken 12:29
  • I shall not be afraid! I shall not be afraid. Lo, the shadows that walk in darkness; Clouds and darkness are round about me. These comforts delight my soul! The fire goes about and burns my insides.

    Hide not thy face from me. In the deep when I am troubled, answer me. Answer me! Incline thine ear to me. For mine days are consumed like smoke and my bones are burned. Answer me, answer me!

    My heart is like wax melted within my breast. My strength is dried up, my tongue sticks to my jaws.

    My heart panteth, my strength faileth. As for the light of mine eyes, it is also gone from me.
    I am laid down in the dust. Answer me, answer me.
  • 3.Spare Me 17:18
  • I feel mine end and the measure of my days, and I may know how frail I am. O spare me!
    O spare me that I may recover my strength! Before I go hence and be no more.

    My tears have been my substance. My soul is cast down. Deep calls unto deep at the noise of the waves. All thy waves have gone over me.

    O spare me!
    O spare me that I may recover my strength! Before I go hence and be no more.

    Mine eye is consumed with grief. My soul and my heart break, but I keep silence! But I keep silence. My bones waxed old through this roaring all the day long. My path is in the great waters. O spare me!

    I feel mine end and the measure of my days. And I may know how frail I am.
    O spare me before I go hence. That I may know how frail I am. Until I am no more. Until I am no more. O spare me.
  • 4.Rejoice 08:07
  • I feel nothing. My head feels light. My tears fall down.
    My tears fall freely down.
    I rejoice!

    My soul is everlasting, then why do I feel scared? I fall so freely now. I float so freely now. For mine eyes have seen. For my soul is everlasting. For this place is everlasting.

    I float in and out.
    Where can I lay my head?
  • 5.The Shadow 06:41
  • My mind is abandoning me. My organs of sensation are leaving me. I see other bodies swirling around me, roaring inside my skin. My mind is abandoning me.

    The all-moving darkness that I can see so clearly. See with my body. Pitched into a great black pain. The shadow approaches and I dissolve. Only my body remains.
  • 6.The Darkness 09:44
  • For I am cast down. I am brought very low. My breath feels shortened now. I am brought very low. Here I’ll wait for morning as the night sky turns black.

    My strength has withered within me; My skin, it melts like wax. Trouble and anguish have taken hold of me. I know I cannot bare to stay for I have blackened now. I feel the measure of my days, and I will float on by.

    I will give sleep to mine eyes; Give slumber to my eyelids. And now here will I dwell for I have desired it.