Stabat Mater is a 20 movement cycle of audio/visual ecstatic visions, and is being released as a purely musical work on cassette tape and as an interactive audio/visual web based experience. Stabat Mater is heavily inspired by the visions of female Christian mystics Hildegard von Bingen and Teresa of Ávila. The lyrics for Stabat Mater include adaptations of writings from these mystics fused together with text taken from surrealist poet Aase Berg's With Deer and Dark Matter (both translated by Johannes Göransson and published by Black Ocean).

- Black or white pro-duplicated Chrome+ cassette
- Black or white shell imprinting
- Black/clear or White/clear hardshell cases
- 12-panel J-cards with 2x art variations
- 100 Light Editions / 100 Dark Editions